Blood in Blood out during the "Nacht van Europa"

On the 9th of May there will be the next presentation of the Blood in Blood out jerseys. It will be a selection of European shirts of the growing collection.
The “Night of Europe” is an event to promote Europe held on the day of Europe.
It is organised by the BKB in coalition with the Ministery of Foreign Affairs.
check (dutch) program at:
Nacht van Europa

This show was made possible by the utmost contribution of: Vladi Rapaport, Wouter van der Sluijs, Willem Wesseling, Marques Malacia, Frens Snijder, Koray O, Simon van Melick, Maarten van Heems, the models (DVVA-Saturday 4), Wilfred Genee and Alex Klusman.
A special thanks goes out to Onno and the rest of the Accent Sport team. Seriously the best football-gear shop in Amsterdam.

check the growing collection on page:

model 5

portrait - photography, 16 May 2008