Graffiti, New York meets the Dam

Exhibition on the birth of Graffiti in New York and its later influence on Europe as a subculture starting in Amsterdam. I was able to work with my heroes Shoe and Delta, the two kings of Holland if not Europe. Shoe being the messiah, Delta the magician.

This is the first big exhibition I designed with a museum’s collection. I worked together with Ilona Laurijsse who is very experienced in designing exhibition. With my graffiti background we formed a perfect team. We aimed for an experience walk-through, in fact walking through a writer’s blackbook. Using the same collage technique life size with very old analoge pictures we created several rooms with different themes. Most of it chronological based, some of it didactical and finishing with a room with my two big heroes from the past.

Many thanks to the Amsterdam Museum. The show will run until the 24th of Januari 2016.

Photos: Mike Bink / Caro Bonink


photograph, 03 Nov 2015