Summerjam 2009

This summer there will be another Summerjam workshop at Imagine IC with video, photography, the one minutes and design. I will be involved together with photographer Ahmet Polat. So far so good, but not completed. In July more updates and subdates…

The Summerjam workshop called: Future Heritage was a good practice for a smaller than expected group of motivated students. Most people signed up for the videoclip workshop held by Salah Edin to make a video for the rap ensamble Zwartlicht. Ahmet and I joined groups to work on image and collages. We did two walks through neighbourhoods in Amsterdam: the North side and the Bijlmer. Our students had to collect images of these walks and use them in their studies and collages. It was big fun; we felt like tourists in our own city. We went into digital and analogue photomontage techniques, how to do it and how to combine the two. The students made big collages together and some smaller more private studies. All the results of the Summerjam are exhibited at Imagine IC from 31 July until 20 August 2009.

collage 3

photomontage, 02 Aug 2009