hC: Offensief!

The second big event HappyChaos organised in the Stadsschouwburg was about the political enviroment that shifted slighty to the right. Where has the save social enviroment that The Netherlands is known for gone? Why do people elect out of fear? About the rise of populistic politics and a notion for the public to take a stand. Revolt!
The Ideals of a new generation
An Ix Opus Ada production by: Dirk van Oosterbosch, Michiel schuurman and Floor Wesseling.

Ironically the start of Theo van Gogh’s publical aversy against certain Islamic politicians. This staged event about ‘savety’, security and global control turned out in a small riot. Unfortunately happyChaos had to organise a ‘real’ event about the same subject a few months later…

offensive letterhead 2

letterhead, 08 May 2004