hC: Overvloed!

client: happyChaos & Vrij Nederland

I never mentioned or explained happyChaos before, and with this latest event I guess I need to come foreward with it. HappyChaos is a group of Amsterdam students that organizes small political cafes and huge events in colab with journalists of the magazine Vrij Nederland. A mouth full but already lasting for 10 years now. Together with Michiel Schuurman & Dirk van Oosterbosch I was involved from early on. We designed all their promo, visuals and interactive stuff at the event. It has always been a room for experimenting. There was no box.

happyChaos: Overvloed! (Abundance)
The downfall of welth. The poverty of choice. The humiliation of humanity. But still going for GOLD!


advertisement, 04 Sep 2009

Second advert in Vrij Nederland