Indonesians in Holland

Lisa van Beek got hold of a forgotten collection of photographs by Leonard Freed, a Magnum Photographer. He visited Holland in the fifties and sixties and he shot a number of pictures of Indonesians who were kicked out of their country during its first few years of independence.
Lisa found this collection in a box in Freed’s old studio up in New York, never published. Freed’s widow allowed Lisa to make a book. Now, we wanted to recreate this moment of finding this box, by ‘republishing’ this box. During this design process we got hold back by the laws of commerce. No grey, a nice picture on the cover is a must do, strict amount of pages, glossy paper, this size please, no money for color… So no box. The only part of the concept that remained was printing all the back-sides of the photographs. Lisa wanted an irregular way of designing the captions; they were already there, written by the man himself. The book is bilingual, black in English, white in Dutch.

Leonard Freed 46 – 47

book, 21 Dec 2009