The Dutch artist Constant Dullaart maintains a small collection of web pages — or “readymades,” as he calls them — united by their common status as empty corners of the Internet. They are junkyards of sponsored links, error messages, and domains for sale that no one wants to buy. Dullaart keeps the links to these pages in one place with Delicious, a Website that lets registered users save bookmarks and tag them with keywords for easy retrieval. (Dullaart sets Readymades apart from the hundreds of links saved on his account by tagging them “readymade.”) Delicious is a tool designed to help its users bring order to their online experience; Dullaart’s Readymades represent a punk misappropriation of the site to track the chaos of the internet’s misfired synapses.

This text was taken from the first page in the book and can be fully read on: Art in America

pages 80-81

book, 08 Dec 2009